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亚博vip 2020:维耶里:卢卡库像丹泽尔-华盛顿电影的火车一样不可阻挡
名称:亚博vip 2020:维耶里:卢卡库像丹泽尔-华盛顿电影的火车一样不可阻挡

Tiger Fight, October 15 News "Gazzetta dello Sport" continues to warm up for Derby. Today's interview is for Italian striker Vieri, who has played for Inter Milan for six years and also played for AC Milan for half a season.

10月15日,Tiger Fight,新闻“ Gazzetta dello Sport”继续为德比热身。今天的采访是针对意大利前锋维埃里的,他已经在国际米兰效力了六年,也为AC米兰效力了半个赛季。

Vieri has played for 13 teams in his career, and he has been wearing a blue and black jersey for the longest time, scoring 123 goals in 190 appearances for Inter Milan, and has participated in the Milan derby many times. Today, he accepted an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, and talked about the weekend derby from Inter Milan’s perspective:

维埃里(Vieri)在他的职业生涯中为13支球队效力,他穿着蓝色和黑色球衣的时间最长,他在国际米兰的190场比赛中打进了123球,并多次参加了米兰德比大赛。今天,他接受了米兰体育报(Gazzetta dello Sport)的采访,并从国际米兰的角度谈论了周末德比:

Very lucky, never. This kind of derby is very strange and will be affected by too many additional factors. Mancini wants to push the fans back? I don't think he is the only one who thinks like this, but we must put our health first in the current epidemic. Maybe we can slowly open the court in the right way, step by step.


I think this is pretty good. It's a bit like my debut in Atletico, when I was directly against Real Madrid. But you ask me whether it will affect the subsequent games? No, it's impossible.


I think both sides have elements of each other, and the age structure of the two teams is actually a mix and match. Inter Milan has champions like Nainggolan and Vidal, as well as fresh blood like Ashraf. Although Milan is young, they have a number one "veteran": Ibrahimovic, I repeat, he Will score more than 20 goals this year.


Both of them are great, Milan and Inter Milan have more outstanding players, not just on the wing. But let me say, Ashraf is the best right winger in the world and he is devastating.


I would write their names on two pieces of paper, and then blindfolded and choose one at hand, no matter who I get, I can’t make a mistake.


Then I can't sleep well (laughs). I think Lukaku is unstoppable, just like the train in Denzel Washington’s movie. He is a natural force. You give him a distance of 50 meters on the field, and he will tear everyone to pieces. , The defender could not stop him at all. In contrast, Ibrahim now has a wealth of experience unmatched by others, and is extremely comprehensive. He can score on his own and create opportunities for his teammates. He has outstanding vision and his presence will raise everyone around him to a higher level.

然后我睡不好觉(笑)。我认为卢卡库(Lukaku)势不可挡,就像丹泽尔·华盛顿(Denzel Washington)电影中的火车一样。他是天生的力量。您在球场上给他50米的距离,他会把所有人撕成碎片。 ,防守者根本无法阻止他。相反,易卜拉欣现在拥有丰富的经验,是其他人无法比拟的,而且非常全面。他可以自己得分,并为队友创造机会。他的眼光卓著,他的存在将使周围的每个人都更高。

We are both left-footed and strong, but he is bigger than me... And his way of playing, sometimes I look at him and think: Hey, I also play like that, especially when he When looking for a two-to-one chance with his teammates, I think his combination of striker and Lautaro is perfect.

我们既左脚又强壮,但是他比我大。而且他的打法,有时我看着他并想:嘿,我也像那样打球,尤其是当他在寻找两分球的时候与队友的一次机会,我认为他的前锋和劳塔罗的组合是完亚博vip 2020美的。

He smashes the treadmill at home every day... People say that the new crown virus dares to challenge him is really bad attention. He is mentally better than any player. Believe me, he can play derby while smoking.


No, that would be a huge mistake. Although Antonio is a demanding coach, he can also give you a lot of rewards. Few people can bring such a big change to a team in just a few months. He now also has the opportunity to fight for the league championship for Inter Milan, this is their goal.


Antonio is such a person. If you want such a talent, you must accept his shortcomings. If you want a good puppy, just buy one. You have to figure out what you want. If you want to sign a coach with personality like Mourinho and Conte, then you shouldn’t be surprised by their “outbreak”. Just like when you sign a player like Vieri, I won’t keep it. silence.


I have never seen a coach who is willing to play like shit to win, but to play beautiful football requires strength, just like Inter Milan now. But be careful, playing exciting scenes against strong and weak teams is completely different, and the pressure on you from your opponents is completely different.

我从来没有见过一个教练愿意像狗屎一样取胜,但是踢漂亮的足球需要力量,就像现在的国际米亚博vip 2020兰一样。但是要小心,与强弱队比赛的激动场面完全不同,对手所承受的压力也完全不同。

Don't ask me at the tactical level. I only have question marks in front of me. Conte only needs to listen to him. It is he who gets along with the players day and night. He knows the players best, not us. He knows very well under what circumstances the team needs to arrange the front midfielder position.


Let me list you five names, Vieri, Ronaldo, Baggio, Zamorano, Recoba, how about these five people, but no one feels that they are not reusable, and strong teams need to reserve enough Only good players can win. At the same time, everyone should be patient. When you come to a team like Inter Milan, you should understand that you have to participate in the competition and no one can guarantee your position.


I think he is the best in the world in his position. He can manage the team's offensive and defensive balance alone, but he didn't come, right?


Personal strength, court style, and rich experience, Vidal has so many excellent qualities. Conte knows what he can bring to the team. Don't forget that he is a player from Barcelona.


I think it’s OK for Inter to win the championship. It’s a bit difficult for Milan to enter the Champions League, but the football world can’t say anything.


In football, sometimes you win and you don't know why, sometimes you lose, but you still don't know why, so I don't think it makes sense to think about it.


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